Intro: Critical Thinking

“Of one thing we can be sure: the quality of our life will be determined by the quality of our thinking.”  – Edward de Bono

     critical thinking

     Critically thinking is a process that’s used to investigate and go deeper into an idea, problem or any type of circumstance. It helps you come up with a better and educated understanding of the information. Have you ever heard of the expression “you can’t judge a book by its cover”? It is telling you can’t figure everything out with one glance at its cover. This is exactly why critical thinking is important; you won’t know everything at its appearance.

     There are many skills that are involved in critical thinking. The main characteristics that are significant are: rationality, self-awareness, and open-mindedness. When you are being rational, you have to rely on a reason and not an emotion. You also need evidence to back up your reasoning. Self-awareness is when you identify your own beliefs, perspective and knowledge. Being open-minded requires you to think of various possibilities and you must be able to accept new ideas. Don’t think at a small-scale. The bottom-line is that a critical thinker must be willing to accept new ideas, analyze the information and be able to explore any competing evidence.

     Becoming a critical thinker takes a lot of skill and practice, but being a critical thinker takes you far in life. Small steps such as: asking lots of questions, gaining more knowledge on the topic and exploring the problem in different point of views will get you started on becoming an outstanding critical thinker. Creativity will bloom in your performance. Your problem solving skills will improve significantly. The questions you come up with will be more challenging to answer. You will open more doors of possibilities and will be able to view information in different perspectives. Critical thinking is an effective foundation to a successful life.

Want to improve your critical thinking skills? Find out how you can involve critical thinking in your life here.


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All About Me!

Hello! My name is Abiramy and here are a few random facts about me!

1) I was born on January 3rd, 1999.

2) A lot of people think I am Indian, but I am actually SriLankan.

3) I can speak English (obviously), Tamil and a bit of French and Spanish.

4) This may sound crazy, but I have never tried bubble tea. *embarrassed*

5) I am the oldest in the family. I have 2 younger sisters.

6) I am allergic to bug bites. If I get bit, I swell up like a pumpkin.

7)  I am a perfectionist. It is something that I don’t like about myself because the smallest mistakes can annoy me.

8) It has only been about 4 years since I have lived in Surrey. Before I moved, I lived in Vancouver for 11 years.

9) I have major stage fright. I have performed on stage ever since I was 7 and unfortunately, I still can’t get over it.

10) I am 5 feet 5 inches.

11) I am an introvert.

12) Places I have been to so far are: Paris, Switzerland, Toronto, Singapore, SriLanka, and Bellingham.

13) I have major fear of heights.

14) When I was 7 years old, I broke a bone in my elbow and had a cast for about 3 months.

15) My favourite colour is blue.

16) My favourite cartoon character when I was younger was Winnie the Pooh.

17) My favourite word is bubble!

18) I want to become a pediatrician when I grow up.

19) I strongly dislike sushi.

20) From kindergarten to grade 3, I LOVED going to school. If I ever had to skip school because of a doctor’s appointment, I would start crying. (I still find that very strange)

Well there you have it, a few random facts about me! Now you know me a bit better. Hope you have enjoyed this post!

Cheers, Abiramy