Unit 2: How Victorian Values Were Harmful


This is Mr.Neville from the movie “Rabbit-Proof Fence.”

Unless you followed the Victorian Values, you would not be treated fairly. Aboriginals were affected the most. What were Victorian values? Victorian values were created during the reign of Queen Victoria. She reigned from 1837 – 1901 and was the only person who reigned the longest. (Faculty of UNLV, 2014). At that time, Britain had most power because their empire was massive. In the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence there is a Character named Mr. Neville. He is a perfect example how seriously people took Victorian values and how it was harmful.

The main goal that Mr. Neville had in the movie, was to make sure that all Aboriginal people would follow European customs. That’s why residential school was created. At a young age kids would be taken away from their families and brought to these schools. Those who tried to escape or hide would be severely punished. In these schools, they would have to dress the way Europeans did, communicate in English, eat their food and follow  customs from the Victorian Era. If the kids make a mistake or did not obey the rules, they would be punished severely. They would have to do extra chores or might even get whipped. Residential school destroyed Aboriginal culture.

Mr. Neville was very determined to accomplish this. He believed that he was being really helpful and that god will have a spot for him in heaven. Those that followed Victorian values believed that being modest and diligent was important. Unfortunately, they did not realize that they were demolishing a culture. They were very racist and did not treat everybody equally. The Aboriginals were affected by this greatly and some still have horrendous memories today.

Want to find out more about the movie “Rabbit-Proof Fence? Click here.


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