Unit 3: My Family’s Immigration

Moving from a 3rd world country to a first world country marks a huge milestone in anyone’s life. From living in a country side lifestyle and then changing your lifestyle style into an urban city lifestyle. Well, that’s what my parents did. They moved from Sri Lanka to Canada. This is the story of my parents’ immigration.

My dad’s family was the first one to move to Canada. He is the fifth child out of 2 girls and 5 boys. His mother worked as a teacher for around 20 years. His parents realized that it was a good idea to start a new life by moving to Canada. There was a war going on at that time and getting a job was very difficult, so they moved. In 1992, my dad’s family moved to Toronto, Ontario. Language wasn’t a major problem since they all had a basic knowledge in English. Fitting in socially, weather and finding a job were probably the hardest obstacles to overcome.

My mother was the 4th child out of 6 girls and 1 boy. She worked in a typewriting company while she was in school. She later on pursued a career in teaching. Her mother was a house wife while her father went to work. My mom’s family moved to different places. Her oldest sister and her moved to Canada while her other sisters moved to France, Switzerland and London. My mom’s parents, youngest sister and brother were the only ones to stay in Canada. Even if they have sacrificed a lot, they did get a chance at a new beginning at life.

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they might actually be falling into place.”

~ Unknown

                                 This is how Sri Lanka looked after the civil war

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