Unit 4: Why Canada’s Voting Age Should Be Lowered

Canada’s voting age should be lowered to 16. People at the age of 16 tend to find out more about things when they are in school. They would be participating actively on their communities and would know what’s going on in the political world. When some teens become 18, they decide to move out of the house or stop going to school. This will affect who they vote for because they may not know what’s going on. While those who are in school are more likely to be educated about this and are more likely to make a better vote.f

Canada flag

16 year olds are the future. They should be able to have their voices heard because who becomes a leader also affects them. At this age, most teens start to look for jobs, pay taxes and bills and start taking responsibility for things adults usually have. Teens can also been sentenced and fined as if they were adults. This means that they will face the same charges as adults would. Then why shouldn’t 16 year olds vote if the person elected creates an impact on them too?v

                                                         Voting booths

I think it’s unfair that teens have adult responsibilities, but can’t have their voices heard in the political world. (The Whig,2015). 16 year olds are mature and can make their own decisions based on all the information they have received. They also have more knowledge since they are going to school. The Canadian Government is a topic covered in the grade 10 social studies course, so they would know how the government generally works. If the age was lowered, I think the results of an election would be more accurate because young people also get to make a decision.

Want to find out how the election works? Click here


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